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What do you need?

Really? What do you need? Are your basic needs currently being met? Food, Shelter, Water, Air. If your basic needs are not being met, how does that negatively impact your life? Can you rest, meditate, take care of yourself if your basic needs are not met? Let's talk Root Chakra. Where is the root chakra?

Science and the Chakras

Science sometimes catches up to confirm what scholars and others have been practicing for many years. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Maslow states, if our Physiological needs (Food, Shelter, Water, Air) are not met, we do not have the potential for growth.

If our Root Chakra needs are not met, we too are stagnant and cannot grow. When I have a root chakra imbalance I feel lethargic, tired, out of sorts, overall not myself. It may occur when I haven't eaten, taken in enough water for the day, or if I have not stepped outside for the day.

REFLECTION: How will you meet your basic needs today? It is not my job to control what I can not control. I unclench my fists I unclench my jaw I am present in the moment. I support myself in this process of transformation.


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