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We start where we are.

In the west, most of us are introduced to the practice of yoga through movement or Asana. It is not a judgement, it is just how most of us are introduced to the practice, including myself.

Beginner yoga, can sometimes focus on the look of the yoga pose rather than the benefit of the pose.

So instead of resisting the introduction, and pushing to start the 8 Limb Path at the Yamas and NiYamas, we will start where we are, at Asana.

Did you know there are only 4 mentions of Asana in the Yoga Sutras?

  • 2.29 Outline of the 8 limbs of Yoga.

  • 2.46 Posture should be practiced with steadiness and ease

  • 2.47 The pastures are mastered when we lessen our attention and focus on the infinite Divine

  • 2.48 Through this approach even mental and emotional tensions disappear

REFLECTION: Find your easy seat, and reflect on your favorite version of the Yoga Sutras and breathe.

When we approach a challenging posture with ease the posture eventually becomes steady. Our asana practice prepares the mind to take the practice off of the mat. To bring steadiness and ease with each challenge we may face. Source: Living The Sutras, A Guide to Yoga Wisdom Beyond the Mat

My heart is entangled with the Yoga Coalition of Equality Charlotte (YCEC). We are a group of yoga teachers, students, studio owners, working to rebuild the Yoga Community of Charlotte.

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